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Our group fitness classes are designed to help you reach your goals. We've created programs carefully tailored to meet you where you are at on your fitness journey.
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Group Fitness

High intensity training at its finest. Workouts blend a variety of movements - everything from cardio and gymnastics to power lifting and weightlifting. Every day brings something new so get ready to get after it. 


Group Fitness

A high intensity training session. It includes light loads, simple movements and a lot of cardio. This class will build your endurance and burn a whole lot of calories.

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30 min class - currently unavailable 

Fast paced and fun. Workouts combine simple body weight and light lifting movements for a high-energy workout. Short, sweet and super sweaty.


60 min class - currently unavailable 

A group fitness strength workout that builds muscle, improves bone density and burns calories. Come get a pump at Bolt Build.

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